Relaxed days besides working days?

Not with Chris! There is always stuff happening!

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Business, travel, mountains, cars, pets and - of course - family that's what my private life is about!

Christopher Wittmann

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Born with a joy for cars in his DNA

Chris and Cars...

Ever since Chris was a child he had a passion for cars of any kind. Whether it was sports cars, luxurious limousines or lovely old-timers - he always has and always will love cars and they will be a part of his life forever!

Dreaming of one car in particular

Since being at school

Ever since he was 16 years old he had one car in mind - a Jaguar F-Type! No car was more interesting to Chris than this Jaguar. So the moment he went to a test drive with it 7 years later he had lost the moment he left the dealer... it was basically clear that the car had to become his... At it was ever since!

Was it the last one that he fancies? Of course not! Now it is time to move on to the next level - but before that it is time for some more hard and clean work!

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Why you should climb multiple mountains a year? Because it refocuses you on who you are and what you stand for!

Christopher Wittmann

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Hiking in the mountains

On the climb for more than 8 years now!

The first time Chris was in the mountains he went by himself. Just to get that one shot of a sunrise! The sun about the mountains in behind a massive lake! It was definitely with getting p at 3 am to drive more than 2 hours to be there on time to get the perfect shot!

Since that day he just kept driving to the alps to conquer multiple mountains a year! It is always worth the view and the satisfaction of reaching the top.

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Christopher wittmann ux designer

Traveling the world and getting to know as many cities as possible is important to me personally and as a business man!

Christopher Wittmann

Christopher wittmann ux designer

Always on his way to new adventures

Traveling the world

Chris has always been a guy who wanted to see everything... Directly after school he lived in England for 5 weeks - ever since that adventure he has been looking for any opportunity to travel the world whenever possible!

Living in multiple cities

Constantly expanding his business

It was clear from the beginning on that the UX Agency will not only stay in Ingolstadt in Germany. It had to become a global business with locations on multiple continents. With his business website TO GO and the partner system, Chris has made the first move to this dream come true.

website TO GO is constantly seeking for new partner agencies. If you are an agency feel free to get in touch with the website TO GO team. If you refer an agency to us and it actually becomes a partner, you will get an reward from website TO GO.

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Being around animals brings additional joy to all the beautiful things I'm allowed to do every single day!

Christopher Wittmann

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Cats and dogs

The two favourite pets of mine!

Since his childhood Chris' parents have always had either cats or dogs. This immediately answered the question why he is so fascinated by these creatures. Going for a walk when Lenny or Louie are in the office or driving to his parents to visit his cat Romeo brings a lot of joy to him!

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Unsere Anforderungen werden nicht nur schnell verstanden, sondern auch so gelöst, wie wir das benötigen.

Martin L.


Die UX Elements sind eine Waffe!

Jürgen R.


Genial, was man ohne Programmierkenntnisse mit den UX Elements von website TO GO machen kann!

Matthias D.