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Christopher Wittmann (alias UXD Chris) is an entrepreneur from the heart of Germany, a former UXD-student and the forerunner of all UX Designers who decided to make UX the number one reason worldwide why a company succeeds or not. Therefore he founded my company that creates user centered solutions itself but also provides everything other entrepreneurs and especially UX Designers will need for their work.

Christopher wittmann ux designer

2011 - 2013

First private applications and websites

During school Chris began with some fundamental coding during his carnival holidays. He borrowed himself a book from one of the teachers about coding with Java since this was the foundation for developing Android Apps. The goal was to implement a grade calculator which Chris wanted so he can always be updated on his current school results.

After implementing the application successfully he soon decided he needs to publish information about his developing skills and about his application. So he started coding first websites. The website that he published was a small but personal portfolio including a section for testers that wanted to beta test his application updates so nothing could go before putting them on live.

And this is how it all started with the UX Designer Christopher Wittmann!

2013 - 2020

Work as a freelancer webdesigner and software engineer

It soon was not enough to implement websites and apps only for himself - that meant that Chris began to search for clients and soon found his first target: a local pizzeria. So he started designing and implementing the first website for a potential client and once he thought it was good enough to be presented he packed his laptop and walked to the pizzeria to show them the results.

Since they knew nothing about the website they were more than a bit surprised about the young boy at that time who wanted to sell them a website. In the end they bought it and this is the point of time where Chris knew he will become one of the biggest business owners in whichever town he lives in!

2016 - 2022

Bachelor and Master Studies in UX Design

Even though he already knew he will probably never become an employee and he would start his own business at some point anyways, Chris still decided he will do his Bachelor and Master studies and it was worth it. During his internship and bachelor thesis time in Wolfsburg he got to know a good friend that he is working on some business opportunities. Also the time in Wolfsburg gave him a chance to be by himself and figure out what he wants to do with his life!

The best element about the studies, however, is his girlfriend who he got to know during his master studies and who was besides him ever since!

Ux design bachelor uxd design master 4Ux design bachelor uxd design master 3Ux design bachelor uxd design master 2Ux design bachelor uxd design master 1

Since 2020

Founder and owner of the UX Agency

In the year 2020 just before starting his master studies, Chris officially founded his first own company. His UX Agency - the original UX Agency - is located in the heart of Bavaria and offers design and software development services for small and mediocre business. These businesses can be local ones and from around the globe.

The approach to every project is the UX Workflow which was created and finished by Chris himself. Unique wireframes will be created for every single digital solution which will be enhanced with a visual design after creating multiple designbeams. And only after the successful creation of the wireframes and the selection of one designbeam and finally creating the visual screen design, it is time for the implementation phase.

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Since 2021

Forerunner of the UX Packers

Back in 2021 Chris then focused a bit more on the UX Designer community and implemented solutions like the UX Wiki, a knowledge platform for UX Designers, and soon it was clear that all these platforms and the entire UX Designer community needed a brand they can associate themselves with. And shortly later the brand UX Packers was born and officially registered. Soon there will be a lot more solutions available for all UX Designers around the world to become the best designers in the world!

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Since 2022

Owner of website TO GO

The brand website TO GO has its own marketing approach called Marketing 5.0 which consists of 5 levels. Level 1 is to create a fundamental website. The 2nd level is to create topic pages that are search engine optimised. Level 3 enhances the social media presence of the business and creates a massive fellowship. These followers will then be brought to the topic pages on the website from Level 2.

The fourth level is the creation of a marketing plan for the next weeks. It shows which new topic pages will be created and the posts that will be posted on social media. The last level - Level 5 - is a chance for all website TO GO clients to generate print media within seconds. These print media can then be ordered easily with the website TO GO application.

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