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Every project Chris is working on has a future!

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UX Agency

A well known UX Agency in entire Germany! Established in 2020!

Officially founded quite some time ago:









UX Design

The core focus of our work

The focus at the UX Agency is obviously UX Design. Creating new, innovative and usable solutions that the users love to interact with is the main service of the UX Agency. This goal can be archived by providing satisfying services in the digital and analogue sector.

Software engineering

Chris is coding since he was 14 years old

Since Christopher Wittmann began coding when he was only 14 years old it had to become a USP of the UX Agency in Ingolstadt. The agency does not only provide simple web designs and web development but also complex configurators, analysis tools and other tools can be easily implemented by the team in Ingolstadt.

Print and digital design

When designs work and look appealing the are perfect!

A digital and print medium can do its job only when the design does what it is supposed to do and when it looks attractive to the users or customers. Therefore the team at the UX Agency does its best to consistently create awesome visual designs!

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UX Packers

A community for all UX Designers worldwide

Brand officially registered since:









Education in UX Design

UX Campus, UX Wiki and UX Literature

The main field of the UX Packers community is the education sector. The UX Campus is a platform designed to learn UX Design and coding as a beginner. The UX Wiki is for more advanced UX Designers to look up some information that they might have forgotten.

Purchase everything a UX Designer might need

UX Shop

The UX Shop gives all UX Designers access to multiple tools, techniques, literature and materials that UX Designers can use to work as creative as never before!

Watching videos and listening to podcasts

UX TV and UX Globals Podcast

Having entertaining material is a must have for a community like UX Packers. Therefore we have decided to create a German and an English TV Show and an English podcast that interested UX Designers can listen to throughout their days.

Website to go website erstellen lassen

website TO GO

Get awesome websites as quickly and as good looking as never before!

System live for:









Instant website results

Building websites within minutes

With the UX Elements, the technology behind website TO GO it is easily possible to create websites fast and professionally. The technology provides everything a modern system might need. Almost everything is included and the elements that are not can simply be created.

Start ranking well on search engines

SEO is included in all website TO GO packages

Search engine optimisation is a necessity these days. Therefore it comes as standard with all website TO GO packages. Depending on the option you choose you will either be consulted or we will do the entire work for you.

Get noticed on social media

website TO GO provides you a post generator for social media

In the admin panel of your website is an integrated social media post generator. Since all important elements, like the logo, the brand colors and a lot more is saved on your website anyways, we decided to use that information and create stunning posts within seconds for your social media accounts.

Customer Relationship Management included

The management of customer relationships has never been as easy before

The website TO GO system includes a customer relationship management tool that makes it possible for you to see statistics, how many users you have, to plan your next weeks or months of marketing, social media postings and search engine optimisation.

Print media generator included

Simply generate print media and buy them with only one click.

The creation of print media has also never been easier before. You can select out of a lot pre-made print media templates, can make additional adjustments to them and simply purchase them within your website. There is no necessity anymore for expensive advertising agencies...

Unsere Anforderungen werden nicht nur schnell verstanden, sondern auch so gelöst, wie wir das benötigen.

Martin L.


Die UX Elements sind eine Waffe!

Jürgen R.


Genial, was man ohne Programmierkenntnisse mit den UX Elements von website TO GO machen kann!

Matthias D.