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Work and Travel UK

Work and Travel UK

One week after finishing my Abitur I went on holiday for 6 weeks. I decided to drive from Ingolstadt to Brussels stay with friends there for 3 days and then I would move on to England for a bit over 5 weeks.

That holiday definitely changed my life. It was the first holiday I went on completely on my own without a friend or family member and on my way back home from England I would fly for the first time - and both of the experiences were some of the best in my entire life and taught me you need to jump one day.

During my work and travel trip in England I got to see so many things. I got to know many amazing people and even had the chance to drive from Norwich up to the norther coast of Scotland so I saw almost the entire east of England and Scotland. I went on a seal trip with my best friend Fiona and took many pictures there. When I returned to my friends 2 years later I got the chance to drive in a Tesla and so many good things happened just because I went there the week after finishing school. 


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