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Soon: UXD Chris Vlog

Soon: UXD Chris Vlog

As I believe it is still unclear to many people what a UX designer actually does and what his/her life looks like I decided to start a (almost) daily vlog in the summer of 2020. You can expect many different kinds of contents. As I see myself as an entrepreneur I will give you some deeper insights into my daily life as a UX design entrepreneur. "What are the tasks I have to do to keep my business running?", "What are my techniques that keep me pushing forward every single day?" and "How can you create awesome UX solutions?" are only some of the questions I would like to answer in this vlog. As some might not want to watch a video every single day I will also try to provide an audio version as some kind of a podcast. Until this summer then. Remember to always keep pushing! Have a good one, Chris :)

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