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From Web to Automotive

From Web to Automotive

What I love about the career as a UX Designer is that you can work in so many different fields and you are not only limited to on business. 

Therefore I've tried out multiple different industries. The first one I entered was the Android world. The first project I ever made was a school grade calculator for Android phones as an application like that did not yet exist and someone had to implement it and so I did. 

After that I thought it would be beneficial to me if I had a website where I could promote my applications and so I developed my first, second and third own website - which became better over time but still were all horrible from today's perspective... 

Then it was time to stop delivering newspapers and start developing websites for clients. After developing some websites clients also needed some print media, so I startet providing designs for those, too. That means three of the main sectors of UX Design were already covered before I began my UX studies.

One of the most interesting chapters began during my third semester of university when I entered the automotive business. The requirements and conditions for automotive human machine interfaces are so different from a website or native application. Therefore I learned a lot over almost three years. 

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